Miami International Airport
Metro Dade Aviation Department
Dade County, Florida

Gulf Coast provided real estate acquisition and relocation services at the Miami International Airport as well as at other county-owned general aviation airports. The project consisted of a three-phase complex industrial park aqcquisition and relocation program. Phase I included the acquisition of a 160,000-sqft loading and shipping facility, two office warehouses and an office condominium. Over 60 tenants were relocated from this phase to accomodate the relocation of Miami International Aiport’s existing fuel farm. Phase II of the project involved the acquisition of many large air cargo affiliated businesses as well as commercial, retail and wholesale operations. Phase III consisted of multiple industrial park acquisitions and relocations and included use of a voluntary sales program which allowed for future airport and terminal expansion.

Vandenburg Airport Expansion Project
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority
Hillsborough County, Florida

This project included seventy-seven parcels and was located in a rural residential area with interspersed businesses. Residential acquisitions included several mobile homes and were complete displacements.

Lambert/St. Louis International Airport
City of St. Louis
Lambert / St. Louis, Missouri

Project included ongoing noise reduction and airport expansion program in the Kinlock, Berkeley and Bridgeton, Missouri areas. Acquisition, relocation and soundproofing advisory services were provided. All procedures were under FAA and state of Missouri guidelines.

Other Notable Projects:
Jacksonville International Airport - Duval County, FL
Jackson Airport Authority - Hinds & Rankin Counties, MS
Hollywood International Airport, Broward County Aviation Division – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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