North Carolina Department of Transportation
R-2582A Northampton County, US 158; Current A controlled access road widening project acquiring 129 parcels with 20 displacees.
Asheville RADTIP, Buncombe County, River Arts District; 42 parcels and 33 displacees for a grant project including road improvements, greenways, drainage and sidewalks.
U-3633 Gaston County, NC Highway 273; A controlled access road widening project acquiring 93 parcels with 5 relocations.
R-2501C Richmond County, US Highway 1; 2013-2014  A controlled access road widening project comprising 64 acquisitions and 11 displacees of all types.
R-2514C Jones County, US Highway 17; 2013-2014   A controlled access road widening project acquiring 61 parcels with 25 displacees.
R-2303A Cumberland County, NC Highway; 24; 2011-2012  Acquisition of 170 parcels and 92 relocations for road widening.
U4444A&B Cumberland County, Bragg Boulevard; 2010-2011   A controlled access road widening project acquiring 107 parcels with 12 relocations.

Corridor “D” – I-77
West Virginia DOT
Wood County, West Virginia 
This complex project known as the Appalachian Corridor “D” Project provided a new four-lane highway with partially-controlled access serving the greater Parkersburg / Belpre area. The extension project crossed the Little Kanawha River and eventually the Ohio River.
Gulf Coast was selected to provide its expert turnkey right-of-way services for this critical economic development project. Phase I (of four) consisted of 170 property acquisitions and 121 relocations. Phase II consisted of 142 parcels acquired and sixty-seven relocations. Phase III, consisted of fifty property acquisitions and nineteen relocations. Phase IV completed the project with 41 property acquisitions and 24 relocations.

Other Notable Projects:
Loop 49, Texas DOT - Tyler, TX
Highway 84, Mississippi DOT - Covington County, MS
Highway 170/280, South Carolina DOT - Jasper and Beaufort Counties, SC
I-585 / US 176, South Carolina DOT - Universal Field Services
US-72 Bridge Replacement, Alabama DOT - Lauderdale County, AL
US-90 Interchange at LA-88, Louisiana DOT&D – Iberia Parish, LA
SR-15 / Alt. US-129, Georgia DOT - Jackson and Clarke Counties, GA
Fairmont Gateway Interchange Connector, West Virgina DOT - Marion County, WV

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