North Carolina Department of Transportation
R-2582A Northampton County, US 158; Current A controlled access road widening project acquiring 129 parcels with 20 displacees.
Asheville RADTIP, Buncombe County, River Arts District; 42 parcels and 33 displacees for a grant project including road improvements, greenways, drainage and sidewalks.
U-3633 Gaston County, NC Highway 273; A controlled access road widening project acquiring 93 parcels with 5 relocations.
R-2501C Richmond County, US Highway 1; 2013-2014  A controlled access road widening project comprising 64 acquisitions and 11 displacees of all types.
R-2514C Jones County, US Highway 17; 2013-2014   A controlled access road widening project acquiring 61parcels with 25 displacees.
R-2303A Cumberland County, NC Highway; 24; 2011-2012  Acquisition of 170 parcels and 92 relocations for road widening.
U4444A&B Cumberland County, Bragg Boulevard; 2010-2011   A controlled access road widening project acquiring 107 parcels with 12 relocations.
Suncoast Parkway
Florida DOT - Turnpike District
**voted “Top 10 Infrastructure Project of the Past 75 Years” by IRWA
Gulf Coast was responsible for the purchase of required right-of-way real estate for a portion of the Suncoast Parkway, a forty-three mile toll facility serving Hernando, Pasco and Hillsborough Counties in Florida. This project included over 214 property acquisitions, 115 relocations, ten business damage claims and over 190 demolitions.
The Suncoast Parkway project required management of all activities of the Department’s asbestos consultants, as well as management of all activities for land planning, business damage studies, cost-to-cure estimates, environmental, title and other specialty service subconsultants.

Gulf Coast provided expert turnkey right-of-way services which included: acquisition, relocation, appraisal, title and right-of-way staking. Section 1 of this project consisted of sixty-four acquisitions and five relocations. Section 2 of this project consisted of 190 property acquisitions and twelve relocation parcels.

Corridor “D” – I-77
West Virginia DOT
Wood County, West Virginia
This complex project known as the Appalachian Corridor “D” Project provided a new four-lane highway with partially-controlled access serving the greater Parkersburg / Belpre area. The extension project crossed the Little Kanawha River and eventually the Ohio River.
Gulf Coast was selected to provide its expert turnkey right-of-way services for this critical economic development project. Phase I (of four) consisted of 170 property acquisitions and 121 relocations. Phase II consisted of 142 parcels acquired and sixty-seven relocations. Phase III, consisted of fifty property acquisitions and nineteen relocations. Phase IV completed the project with 41 property acquisitions and 24 relocations.

Other Notable Projects:
Loop 49, Texas DOT - Tyler, TX
Highway 84, Mississippi DOT - Covington County, MS
Highway 170/280, South Carolina DOT - Jasper and Beaufort Counties, SC
I-585 / US 176, South Carolina DOT - Universal Field Services
US-72 Bridge Replacement, Alabama DOT - Lauderdale County, AL
US-90 Interchange at LA-88, Louisiana DOT&D – Iberia Parish, LA
SR-15 / Alt. US-129, Georgia DOT - Jackson and Clarke Counties, GA
Fairmont Gateway Interchange Connector, West Virgina DOT - Marion County, WV

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