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North and South Carolina

Gulf Coast is doing site selection research based upon search rings while working with potential lessors to secure cell tower sites.  Gulf Coast provides property and GIS research for the purposes of negotiations for site lease procurement.  Gulf Coast then negotiates and obtains signed leases.

Florida Sprint PCS
Dade and Broward Counties, Florida

Gulf Coast provided professional services in site acquisition and program management to Sprint PCS. Sprint PCS was in a Phase II build-out program and Gulf Coast was contracted to provide preliminary site identification, feasibility surveys for site acquisition, zoning, land use and permitting services. These services were provided on over 186 sites.

Gulf Coast assisted in the procurement of site design and architectural/ engineering plans including structural and environmental surveys and other design services (collectively referred to as “A&E” services). Gulf Coast secured formal agreements (master leases, letter agreements, and options to lease) from property owners or other site management firms who were interested in venturing with Sprint PCS.

Sprint PCS contracted with Gulf Coast for additional personnel to provide a service referred to as Program Manager for the Phase II build-out of overlay sites. This phase and project were extremely important to the Sprint PCS marketing program since it effectively doubled the capacity of its existing MTA service area.

Gulf Coast provided services in lease procurement, management and analysis for liability and renegotiation issues, as well as procurement of joint venture analysis that included recommendations for policy and direction of joint ventures.

Due to the aggressive schedule of the Phase II build-out, Gulf Coast coordinated and managed various professional subconsultants and other vendors/providers as necessary to deliver designed and fully engineered plans, details and specifications to complete all site approvals necessary for Sprint PCS to obtain a certificate of occupancy for the commercial operation of a wireless facility.

Florida Power & Light / Primeco Personal Communications, LP
Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties, Florida

Gulf Coast provided site acquisition and appraisal services for wireless telecommunications and utility services. The joint venture of Florida Power & Light and PrimeCo Personal Communications, L.P., a limited partnership of Nynex, Bell Atlantic, AirTouch and US West, required services which included land rights and easement acquisition for utility and wireless communications in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, Florida.

Gulf Coast was responsible for the valuation of land rights for Personal Communication System (PCS) site acquisition and market analysis of less than fee simple including the diminution of value. Other services included offer preparation, presentation and negotiation for option agreements, title searches, curative work, property conveyance and closing of transactions necessary to secure those land rights needed for cell tower installation.

Gulf Coast acquired over thirty sites in South Florida in the three-year build-out period.

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